JUNXING M107 Compound Bow


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JUNXING M107 Compound Bow
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JUNXING M107 Dimensions
  • BO Rating up to 300fps
  • Axle-to-Axle: 40″
  • Draw Weight: 40-60lbs
  • Draw Length:25″-30.5″
  • Brace Height: 7.5″
  • Let-off : 70%


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Select bow range table
Archer’s Weight Suggested Draw Weight
Small Children (70-100 lbs.) 10-15 lbs
Larger Children (100-130 lbs.) 15-25 lbs
Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.) 25-35 lbs
Medium-Frame Female (130-160 lbs) 25-35 lbs
Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs) 30-45 lbs
Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs) 40-55 lbs
Large-Frame Females (160+ lbs) 30-45 lbs
Large Frame Men (180+ lbs) 45-60 lbs



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The JUNXIN1G M107 Compound Bow is a beginner compound bow that anyone can use. It comes with sights and stabilizer, which is great for improving accuracy at a close distances or for shooting with high-speed arrows. The wide delta limbs are fast, so you can shoot with incredible speed and power. With the flexibility to be shot from either hand, this compound bow is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people!

JUNXING M107 Compound Bow
JUNXING M107 Compound Bow
  • The pulling force can be adjusted freely between 30-50lbs, and the number of pounds can be adjusted according to yourself
  • Magnesium aluminum alloy material makes the whole lighter. It doesn’t feel particularly heavy to hold. Suitable for outdoor hunting and shooting
  • The labor saving rate reaches 70%, which is even more labor-saving. You can aim for a long time.
  • High-quality service, 100% customer satisfaction.
JUNXING M107 Compound Bow
JUNXING M107 Compound Bow

The JUNXING M107 offers superb power and accuracy so you can hit your target every time. Suitable for beginners to advanced archers, it’s lightweight and easy to handle with no draw length adjustments needed for proper shooting technique. The silent cam technology provides a smooth shot without vibration that reduces string slap noise. This compound bow is designed for hunters and experienced shooters out there.

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16 reviews for JUNXING M107 Compound Bow

  1. RandyJ

    Great bow

    Good bow, nice quality. Great entry level bow. The cams have a nice action and let off is good. Easy adjustment and bolt on accessory slots fit items well. Only real complaint is that it is not the quietest bow even with dampening

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  2. Pamela A Stull

    Amazing Value!

    I am 36 y/o and have been shooting archery since I was 6. I bought this bow as a beginner setup for my wife. She is an archery merit badge counselor at a Scout camp and this is her first bow. She took it to camp and set it up herself with ZERO experience and prior knowledge. The bow is very accurate. Very quite, and she absolutely loves it! We love it so much we’ll be buying another for my daughter. For the fact that this bow will grow with my daughter, it is well worth the low low cost!

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  3. Gary L

    Love it!

    New to archery but doing very good with this bow.

  4. Vivactive

    It’s compactness & light weight gives precise and consistent accuracy.

    This has to be one of the best bows out there. I also own the SAS Feud 70lb bow and it’s also accurate with a smooth release. The string comes very dry. So you need to use a good amount of lube wax and a hair dryer to help melt it in as you rub it on, because you want the string to look wet, glossy, and shiny. Not a dull black color as it comes. You can’t miss with this thing. The short limbs keep vibrations low. It’s very light weight so it’s easy to point and shoot accurately. It has a very smooth draw back with little to no wobble after you release. I tried the Leader Accessories 70lb bow, and that was horrible. The let off valley from the the back wall is too steep. In other words, it gives off a big wobble as the string is released. The plastic cable slide works but chews the string away. I highly suggest buying the Saunders Hyper Glide. I have one. It doesn’t chew away at the string at all. My string still looks untouched after my first 100 shots. I also use the Saunders Vudu piston which helps dampen vibrations. The arrow rest that comes with the accessories package is good for starters. Even though the string hits the string stopper very hard, the bow does not shake that much. There is no forward punching movement happening to my fist that is holding up the bow like the Leader Accessories bow gives. I have small hands and weak arms & shoulders. From draw back to aiming and releasing this is a very stable feeling bow all around for me. You can’t go wrong with it. And i have a feeling the draw weight is above 55 pounds since its so hard to pull back. To adjust the draw weight properly, turn the Allen key 180 degrees clockwise to add draw weight or counter clockwise to reduce draw weight. Turning the allen key from the 12 o’clock position to the 6 o’clock position is considered one full turn. Its metal handle rubbed on my thumb bone giving me pain, so i just added soft material with shoe string to hold it tight to avoid the rubbing, and it worked. All bets are in with this 3lb 260fps bow. Its worth every penny.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    This bow is nice I love it works great and Avery thing that …

    This bow is nice I love it works great and Avery thing that comes with it is bad a## I love it

  6. Jim Mac Kinnon

    Great bow and best deal I could find anywhere

    I bought this bow for my son and he loves it!

  7. Tim VandenHoek

    Good for bowfishing

    I purchased this bow strictly for bowfishing. I have been a bow hunter for years so I’m relatively knowledgeable about how to set up a bow.The SAS Scorpio came packaged well and in good shape. It was already set up for my 29″ draw length but it can be adjusted to other draw lengths without a bow press. The first thing I normally do when setting up a bow is to use blue threadlocker on all the screws including the ones attaching accessories except for the main limb bolts of course. The bow did come with some allen wrenches, a cheap one pin sight, a cheap rest and a mount to attach a quiver. I did not get the package version. I think the mount, sight and rest are unusable but didn’t need them for my application. It did not come with a nock or D loop string attached or loose in the package. The finger savers I had installed at an archery shop as I do not have a bow press. I dropped the poundage to #40 and have shot it 5 times with a heavy fiberglass bowfishing shaft without any issues. I will see how well it holds up to using heavy shafts and add to this review later. With the axle to axle length only being 28″ it can pinch your fingers which is why I opted for the type of finger savers I installed. With the bow being so short the maneuverability should be great for bowfishing. As an adult I would probably not use this bow as a dedicated deer hunting bow, but with the draw length adjustability, should be okay for youth.I should note that the para cord on the grip, rest, finger savers, bowfishing reel and shaft seen in the picture does not come with the bow.

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  8. RH

    Good starter bow. For adult males I’d suggest a bigger bow.

    Solid bow for the price. I’m a 5’10” male 195 pounds. Comes out of the box within 2 pounds of max draw weight and 29″ draw length. Just barely right for my size and a caliper release. This is my first bow but from my experience with firearms, I can read into the quality. It’s good. The limbs and cams are metal despite what people say in the reviews. Keep in mind this is an out of the box review. I haven’t had time to get the peep sight installed. Everything else is quality for the price though. Wish I got a bigger bow but this will do. The 55lb draw is pretty tough. Can’t wait to let some arrows loose

    2 people found this helpful

  9. Ladder&Halligans

    Great, durable bow

    Great, durable bow, great size, great customer service.Assembly was easy on the full accessory kit.I highly recommend this bow by SAS.

  10. Tim M

    Great bow

    Excellent, very accurate bow. I guarantee this bow shoots just as good as a bow 3 times the money. You can’t go wrong with purchasing. Very satisfied!!

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  11. Ollie15

    Not problems so far

    So far works like it should

  12. John

    Great bow!

    Bought this for my daughter and she loves it! She has been shooting this for 9 months now without any issues. The bow is quiet and functions great! Highly recommend this for anyone.

  13. Brigette M

    Easy to adjust the pull with an allen wrench

    Easy to adjust the pull with an allen wrench. It is a smaller bow but seems to be well built so far. We got it for my wife and kids to shoot targets.

  14. Amazon Customer


    Satisfied with the bow

  15. 03bandit

    This is a great compact bow kit

    This is a great compact bow kit..Has all you need to get started except for arrows ,a quiver and a release aid…The bow is very well made and the perfect size for treestand hunting..Dont let the small size fool you its a handful when set on max draw weight..and whisper quiet…I bow hunted years ago and wanted to get back into it..saw the price of compound bows today and was floored by the cost….found this bow on amazon and wanted to give it a try. was very pleased with the quality of this bow its shoots as good as the PSE bow I shot 15 years ago at about a quarter of the price. Its a great bow , the kit that comes with it is more than enough to get you started .oh get you a tube of bow string wax and use it,,,its the life of your bow string….im very pleased with my purchase and would buy again but this bow should last for years..thanks Gary P. N.C.

    34 people found this helpful

  16. Benjamin J Grimm

    If you know how to dial this bow in using …

    If you know how to dial this bow in using the extras, it’s a monster among men. Crank up the draw length and weight and you’ve got a handful. Buyer beware… Know your draw length and draw weight, this thing rocks.

    5 people found this helpful

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