JUNXING M106 Compound Bow


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JUNXING 106 Compound Bow
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JUNXING M106 Dimensions
  • IBO Rating up to 300fps
  • Axle-to-Axle: 40″
  • Draw Weight: 40-60lbs
  • Draw Length:25″-30.5″
  • Brace Height: 7.5″
  • Let-off : 70%


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Select bow range table
Archer’s Weight Suggested Draw Weight
Small Children (70-100 lbs.) 10-15 lbs
Larger Children (100-130 lbs.) 15-25 lbs
Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.) 25-35 lbs
Medium-Frame Female (130-160 lbs) 25-35 lbs
Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs) 30-45 lbs
Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs) 40-55 lbs
Large-Frame Females (160+ lbs) 30-45 lbs
Large Frame Men (180+ lbs) 45-60 lbs



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The JUNXING M106 Compound Bow is the perfect bow for professional hunters. With its tone and design, it makes an excellent choice for those looking for a quality bow that will help them take down their prey.

  • IBO Rating up to 300fps
  • Axle-to-Axle: 40″ 
  • Draw Weight: 40-60lbs  
  • Draw Length:25″-30.5″             
  • Brace Height: 7.5″
  • Let-off : 70%
JUN Xing m106
JUNXING M106 Compound
JUNXING 106 Compound Bow
JUNXING 106 Compound Bow

The JUNXING M106 Compound Bow is the perfect bow for hunters looking for a professional tone. This bow is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed to deliver consistent performance. With its powerful amp and sleek design, the JUNXING 106 Compound Bow is a must-have for any hunter who wants to take their hunting game to the next level.

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26 reviews for JUNXING M106 Compound Bow

  1. Does not pointing in the right directionFernando Gasca

    Easy to use

    Good product very affordable easy to use not a big investment before a youth decides whether he likes archery or not if he doesn’t you didn’t spend a fortune it if he likes it then You could invest in something higher scale

  2. Skylar

    Good quality

    Great quality. Disappointed I wasn’t informed it would be green, considering that it the least favorite color of who this will go to BUT overall happy with the quality of the bow and arrow itself.

  3. Jason S.

    Best bang for your buck!

    Bought for my 11 yr old son. He is not athletic and lack upper body strength (we’re working on that). He measures a 23.4 in draw length. This bow fits him perfect. The draw length is on point and the let-off is very ideal. He let loose 30 arrows at 35 feet during his first outing. Only downside is I would have liked to see something added to the string to help/identify the arrow’s ideal knock point. Also, after 2-3 shots one of the feathers on the included arrows fell off. Luckily, I had already purchased additional bear archery brave arrows to supplement this purchase. Highly recommend this bow for beginners. My son is hooked!

  4. Jerry

    Great bow. Right hand/ left hand info included in this review

    FIRST OFF. You hold this bow with your left hand and draw the string back with your right hand. I have this bow, got it for my wife and that’s how it works and it’s the only way this bow is sold. Long bows and recurve bows (which are deer hunting bows if you spend enough money) come both ways (left and right handed), but not this compound bow. Great bow for the money, had it for 10 days now. Went to Dick’s sporting goods to look at the “rival” bows shown on here for the same the “lil’ Banshee”, this Elkhorn is altogether better. Make this one your choice and you will be happy. Now, it will shoot far if you shoot up and out into a field…shoots really far. But it doesn’t have the kind of power needed to hold a arrow in a straight line without dropping some when you get to shooting past 40 feet. But, it’s a 20 lb +/- draw weight. You can shoot it as far as you want, but if you get to 50 or more feet, you have to point the arrow up some to compensate for the arrows drop…but that’s the way all bows are if you shoot them any real distance. GREAT for kids or woman who want to get started and aren’t ready for a heavier bow. This IS a real compound bow. Good enough quality for a learning adult but easy enough to draw back and use in general to be a fantastic kids bow for years. 5 stars : and the accessories on mine were MUCH improved quality over the older reviews. No I don’t know how to change the draw weight from 17-21 or vice versa (other than tightening/loosening the limbs, just like you do on any other compound bow, I guess that’s how you do it, like it’s done on the big bows) look that up on google and you will see what I mean.

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  5. Momofboys

    … for our 9 year old and it has been wonderful! It has been easy for him to use …

    We got this last winter as a birthday gift for our 9 year old and it has been wonderful! It has been easy for him to use and easy for hi to enjoy. It seems to be wonderful quality as several of our other boys borrow it often and it has yet to break,or appear worn. We did find it hard to get the specific arrows locally but they do come with some and you are also able to order them online. We would buy this over again for sure!

  6. Heather Traylor

    I was looking for something that would be good for a young beginner

    I got this for my 13 year old daughter on her birthday. I was looking for something that would be good for a young beginner, but not a small child. I also did not want to break the bank. This fit the bill perfectly. She takes it out every weekend for target practice. It’s not too hard for her or her younger sister, but still give plenty of challenge and fun. If any other child should want a bow, I would choose this one again, especially for the price.

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  7. Jason

    Received a returned bow!!!!

    I ordered two (NEW) bows for my kids and received one new bow and one returned bow. Package has been cut open and taped up again. Not going to risk my kids getting hurt over a dry fired bow. Will be shipping it back.

  8. mschu

    Great fun for a youngster

    I purchased this bow for my 10 year old son and he loves it. He really wanted a bow and arrow and this bow was exactly what he was hoping for.I will say the lack of directions is amazing. It comes with directions for safety, but nothing about how to turn down the pull weight or change the draw length. I left the draw length as delivered as it fit my son pretty good, but I had to crank down the pull weight. I know on a regular compound bow you can only turn the hex bolts 4 turns to safely turn down the pull weight, but just to be safe I did it three times on this one for the first few times.My son had a little tough time pulling the bow back, but once he got used to it, it was no problem. In fact, within 3 days I set the pull weight back up to the max as he was starting to shoot further away.I did have to add some thread to the bow string as the arrows wouldn’t click onto it, so that helped, plus it gave a good idea where to click the arrow on the string to get a consistent shot.We’ll probably keep this for at least a year and then eventually trade up, but I found this product perfect for a childs first bow.

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  9. Steven Lehenbauer

    Good Starter set for child

    This has worked out to be great starter set for pre-teen grandkids. Seems to be well made – no problems after 6 months of use. I would recommend this for 8 – 12 yr old for sure.

  10. F. Brennan

    Great bow, cheap accessories.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ll start off by saying the bow itself is pretty fantastic. I purchased 2, one for my son and one for his friend. We went out this weekend and had a great time. After a few test shots, the kids were hitting the target and getting some pretty good groupings. The draw is very easy for my son, it was slightly hard for his friend, they are both 9. After 3 or 4 rounds, they were both drawing with ease.The sighting needs improvement. it is not nearly adjustable enough for a real targeting bow.The accessories that come with the bow ( wrist and finger guard ) are sub-par. You really need to purchase a leather three finger draw glove and a leather adjustable wrist guard.The Arrows are almost jokingly bad. The cheap plastic knock broke on all 4 arrows (2 from each set) within 3 shots each. You will need some more arrows to do anything useful.If I just had to rate the bow, I would say it is a 4, the sighting being its one detractor. I took off another star due to the poor quality of the accessories.The price was under $40 each and we had a great time. I did buy 2 dozen arrows, wrist guards and shooting gloves. The boys shot all day on Saturday and then again for a few hours on Sunday. They were consistently hitting the target after a few rounds and some pointers. We shot into a foam target and the arrows we used did penetrate deeply enough that we lost several tips.

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  11. ljimenez

    It will do til get a better one

    I got the bow for my 12 year old daughter after we took classes together for archery. I like the bow but I had to modify the bow to fit any replacements. The holes for the sight were a tad small to fit, so I had to drill the holes a bit bigger to fit the standard screws for a sight. I bought a whisker biscuit for the bow and had to drill the hole to fit the screw. I don’t like the string bar, it is too close to the pull string, hopefully i can find a bar to replace that. The 2 arrows are cheap, and the nock on the arrow fit the string but since the line string is not the same as a standard bowstring, other arrows did not nock well on the line of this bow. I put the arrow quiver on the bow but my daughter felt it was too much in the way, so I removed it. Other than that stuff, I like it, it’s adjustable for her to draw back and she likes it.

  12. Diatonic

    good start

    I bought this for my son (12yr old) and he really enjoyed it. Nothing fancy but a great way to get started, especially for the price. He had a tough time drawing it back at first but got better with practice. Obviously won’t take down a bear but it definitely has some power, not a weak little toy. The arrows are kinda junky but at least it gives you something to work with straight out of the box and you can go to an archery store for better arrows that match your draw length later. Good buy.

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  13. Mommy4My4

    Great for beginners of all ages

    Great quality, very easy to use. My 12 year old, who bought it for himself can easily use it, my husband and I can also use it, and even my 9 year old daughter was able to use it after a little extra effort.

  14. CherelleDay

    Starters with a Bow – LOOK HERE!

    After earning his Jr. Hunting license with rifle and shotgun, my 12 year old decided he absolutely MUST complete his training and add a bow license to the other two. I am all for correct training in safety procedure, and when he asked for a bow for his 13th birthday I readily acquiesed.This is the best possible “starter” bow for the money that we have seen or heard about. For less than $50 thru Amazon I couldn’t be happier (especially since we spent all our spare cash paying for upcoming Boy Scout Camp and Coldwater Conservation School/Camp for our kids. It was, as others have stated, a little tricky to figure out where everything goes from the 2″x2″ picture directions, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to eventually get it. (look at it like a puzzle and logic takes over – LOL!) When practicing be certain that you have either a windowless building behind your backstop (like a garage – as we did), or empty woods. Otherwise your neighbors and their pets could be in imminent peril.I can say that this handy bow has certainly enough power to pierce, siding, insulation and underlying clapboard, along with toy truck tires and plastic garbage cans. It is apparently easy to be accurate with, but too powerful for our first efforts at constructing a target/backboard ;pAll in all I can’t say anything negative about the bow itself. The arrows are cheap garbage and you will have to get more fairly quickly, though. The “accessories” are also cheap, but will at least serve to get you started on the way. The only thing lacking to be the perfect starter get-up is a cheap attempt at a protective carry case.

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  15. No Name

    Great for my 11 year old daughter

    My daughter doesn’t have great upper body strength, but this works perfectly for her. Be aware that the bow strings are not typical strings but are coated so you can’t use a typical peep sight with it. As others have said, the basic bow is quite good although it doesn’t have a lot of range like you would expect. The accessories are pretty cheaply made. The lock nut on the sight is stripped on ours, and I don’t expect the arrow rest to last long (I ordered a whisker biscuit to try). So far the arrows have lasted, but I had to put a little super glue on the notch of one of them to get them to stay on the bow string. We bought Easton Scout 2 arrows based on other recommendations and filed the notches to get a good fit on the string. Also fitted it with string nocks to help consistently position the arrows (started by using small zip tie). The quiver holds 4 arrows – it holds the arrows very securely. I filed the quiver a little as well as my daughter was having trouble getting the arrows in and out. I think it will work very well for many years, and would recommend to others just be aware that the accessories my have to be upgraded over time.

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  16. Carl W. Warford

    Like most people

    just got this and un-boxed it today. Like most people, i found the instructions were very lacking. I did figure it out enough to get it together and my daughters were able to fire a couple of shots at the target we got.However, please save this site if you are purchasing this bow. there is a video on the Crosman website on assembling this bow that will help immensely if you are a first timer. the money, this is spectacular. It is not by any means a high end bow, but it is great for the money. I will say that i started to noc one of the arrows in another bow and the hoc on the arrow broke right away. I don’t know if they are smaller than standard but don’t try them in another bow. Also, i don’t see any way to adjust the draw length. We were able to reduce the lb so my 9yr old daughter could draw it. I think it will work out great for her.

  17. Sabrina Clark

    Great bow for beginners

    I bought this bow for my son last year. I gave it a year to make sure that my review is accurate. I am still in awe about how well this bow has held up with not only my oldest son but his younger siblings as well. The bow has enough power to put a bow through our wooden garage door. Very impressed and will be purchasing another for my younger son

  18. corran_63_horn

    Great starter compound bow.

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     Homemade basement range. Shooting from around 16-17 yards at a hanging foam sheet with permanent marker aim points. Circles are between 1-1 1/2″ diameter. Video camera (Panasonic HDC-TM80) was sitting 6 inches to the right of the bow, zoomed in on the foam sheet.Full video was too large of a file size so I cut it down to the last third of the recording.**********I originally bought it for my 12 year old sister as she had garnered interest thanks to Hunger Games. In order to teach her to shoot I needed to brush up on my skills as I hadn’t shot since Boy Scouts (that was a recurve nontheless). Needless to say I’m in love with this bow!I’ve added a number of upgrades to the bow:-

    Allen Company String Nock Set (Crimp On Large Size), 5 Pack

     (simple and effective)-

    Archery – RELEASE D LOOP MATERIAL 60″ – 2MM – .080″ DIAMETER – BCY #24 By Extreme Gear

     (save your fingers by using a thumb release and a D-loop (make a D-loop with this material); added benefit is it gives an extra 1/2 inch or so for the draw)-

    Allen Company Thin Air Fall Away Arrow Rest, Right Hand

     (it’s usable – I had to cut pieces off to make it work (fletchings were scraping it bad) – but I’d never put this thing on an adult bow) **Instead of a ‘fall away’ arrow rest this bow would best be served with a stationary rest: whether the very basic one it comes with or a precision one like a Whisker Biscuit.**-

    Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Sight

     (nothing beats a light-up 5 pin sight. Stand under a light if you don’t want to use the batteries)Accessories we use are:-

    12″ Deluxe Archery Armguard (EA)

     (large size fits both my sister and I)-

    Tru Ball T-Handle Thumb Release Standard Caliper Jaw

     (bought a cheap thumb release and hated it – inaccurate release and a chore to put on the string; this is more expensive than the bow but I’ll be using this on a “real” bow when I get one)Arrows:-Easton Scout 2 Fiberglass Arrows 26″ (found on another site for $2.49/arrow)*There’s an arrow sold on Amazon and in some stores with the brand name “Carbon Express”. Do NOT buy those, they are junk, fall apart and are heavy. The Easton arrows referenced above are far superior and perfect weight for this bow… Except the bow string is too thick for the arrow nocks so you have to sand one side on the inside of the nock just a little at a time until it can snap easily onto the string.**Speaking of string this bow does not use traditional bow string. It’s some kind of coated wire(?). It works just fine but you can’t use peep sights or other accessories that require actual string.I’ve owned this bow for just under two months now, shot count is well over 1500 as I shoot this daily. I’ve not needed to fix or correct one thing on the bow itself.

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  19. mdbradbury

    Can’t believe this thing is just $40!

    Can’t say enough about this bow at this price point; this is a good, usable bow. My kid’s previous plastic bow cost this much. We’ve used this bow at the range for several weeks now; it’s difficult to get him out of there, it’s that much fun. I added a cheap 3-point brush arrow rest and sight to the bow (then removed the sight, see below), a D-loop and brass nock points to the bow string, and bought him a cheap (but safe) release. (Thanks YouTube). The bow is pretty light, and strong enough to hit targets reliably at 30 yards or less (with better arrows, see below).Two safety tips: At the right angle, this bow can send arrows out 100 yards. The attached cable guide (rod) goes BETWEEN the balance cables and shooting string to keep the balance cables out of the way of the arrows as they are released.Several things to keep in mind: there is no adjustment on this bow. Draw weight of our bow is 19 lbs. I assume that when the specs say 17-21 lbs, it means that the bow you get will be within these limits. Draw length is also set, I think accurately stated at a max of 26 inches. With a draw of 24-26″, a person 5′ to 5’6″ should be able to shoot this comfortably. For your child to use this bow, s/he should be able to pull about 20 lbs, not just once, but many times. Of course, they don’t have to hold 20 lbs while they are aiming because once past max pull, the pull weight of the string drops to about 7 lbs. It’s not an age thing, it’s a size and strength thing.Much has already been said about the accessories. Can’t comment on the included arrow rest. I had to shim the after-market arrow rest bracket because the bow riser is too narrow. The included arrows are low quality and cannot be used with our 3-point arrow rest because the fletching doesn’t line up right, and the nocks are glued. No matter what rest you use, it’s worthwhile to get extra arrows with a rotatable nock so you can line up the indicator fletching correctly for your rest. I recommend arrows (26″) with points much sharper than the dull points on those that come with the bow; at 19 lbs bow draw weight, the included arrows mostly bounce off the target at more than 10 yards.Comments have been made about the bow and balance strings. I could be wrong but they don’t seem to be metal cable. But they are plastic coated something. An earlier review stated that you couldn’t nock arrows safely or add nock points. I found both those statements to be incorrect; arrows nock and hold just fine, and adding nock points was easy (thanks YouTube).Our bow has an integrated sight bracket, counter to videos about the bow. I don’t like it because you can’t add a multi-pin sight without it being too far out in front of the bow. Most kids will probably shoot intuitively anyway, and not use sight pins, but to shoot more accurately, some sort of work-around is necessary. The arm protector is cheap, but works. And the bow-mounted quiver works fine. We don’t use the finger tab. Not all common accessories will fit on this bow.Again, excellent value, even with its limitations, and it can be used as is, or upgraded for a little extra $$ to be pretty competitive/accurate.

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  20. Aaron Barnes

    Elkhorn Junior is a good starter bow.

    This is a good youth starter bow. My son, 10yrs old, 5-foot tall has been attending weekly classes at our local archery shop. He completed the beginner class and the basic class. He will need a better bow to move up into the intermediate level. I am considering the Barnett Vortex 19-45lb for his next bow which is $160.The Good:$ PriceSturdy and well madeMore powerful than you might think 🙂 I have a few unwanted holes to fix to prove it. :)Accurate when sighted properly.Perfect fit for draw weight and pull for a child up to his size. You’ll notice other youth bows are considerably smaller and have less draw length for the taller boys.The Not-So-Good:Has a bow cable not a bow string so arrows do not ‘nock’ well into position but is sturdy and does not fray with use.Bow pin sight leaves much to be desired. You really have to work at it at first to get it on target and even then its a pain. Eventually you find the sweet spots. I recommend parents or coach set the sight.The Bad:The arrow rest is just terrible. It’s a rubber fork that doesn’t hold and rest the arrow head. With practice the child does get used to it.The supplied arrows are only for practice and not for the target range or the class. Have your child fitted at the archery store with 4 good arrows for class (about 20 bucks).The target archery experience has been great so far. There is a fun side and a technical side to the sport. I recommend to always practice with your child for safety’s sake because this is not a toy. I recommend a good target block and plenty of open space (remember the holes in my garage door and couple on the back patio). I recommend the classes at the local archery shop. The classes are value priced and the folks are generally expert archers.Costs:Let’s qualify this bow and my review against the best recommended bow. Diamond Infinite Edge $349 (most adjustable, feature rich bow on the market and can take a young archer from beginner to advanced). I didn’t go this route because I really didn’t know if he would take to the sport or for that matter what I was getting into. You may be in the same place here are our costs.1. This Elkhorn Bow – $532. Field Logic GenZ Target Block – $303. 3 extra cheap arrows – $124. 4 quality arrows – $205. 8 classes – $80About $200 Bucks so far…. His next bow will be $160.00.

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  21. K. Schrecker

    Fantastic Target Bow for Beginners!

    I have two teenage sons that are constantly in front of a computer, so when one of them had a birthday last week, I wanted to get something that would get him out of the house. I knew if he could shoot at something, I’d have a chance. This is a well-made, easy to shoot and ready to shoot out of the box, target bow for beginners. My boys are practically grown, but not too muscular, so the 20 pound pull is just right for them at this point. They had a ball yesterday sharing the bow, so now I’m going to get another to keep them both outside. The only draw-back was the substandard arrows (and only two of them!). Luckily, I read the reviews beforehand and purchased additional arrows at a better grade. The 26 inch arrows are ideal. I also found an affordable school-type target at another location that is working great! We don’t have access to hays bales, Amazon was out of the ‘bean bag’ style I wanted, and we can’t afford real archery targets (running around from $100 on up), but the one I found ran about $40.00 and stands on its own (does better if leaned up against something). We found it at […]; it’s called the Morrell Youth Archery Target.Be sure you know that you are getting a bow to be held with the left hand and the strings pulled with the right hand (usually for right-handed people). Unfortunately, this bow doesn’t come for lefties (like my eldest son), so I found him a similar bow to the Elkhorn that is made for either right/left hand shooters–I hope it is as good as the Elkhorn (it is a Martin Tiger Bow–I will update this review if there are problems with the Martin). Archery is great fun but be warned–this bow is NOT a toy and CAN cause serious damage–be sure your child or young adult knows how dangerous shooting a bow and arrow can be! My boys are old enough to be unsupervised, but I would suggest adult supervision at all times for younger teens and tweens (or unreliable people at any age). This could cause serious injuries or even worse–so be VERY CAREFUL with instruction and supervision.

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  22. R. Murphy

    Great bow

    Alot better than expected. Daughters loved it. Arrow rest is junk. I replaced with a whisker biscuit.

  23. Jane R

    Happy with our purchase

    Very happy with our purchase. Received in under a week. Would order from them again.

  24. vorbelutr ioperbir

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  25. zoritoler imol

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