JUNXING F154A Traditonal Bow


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JUNXING F154A Traditonal Bow
JUNXING F154A Traditonal Bow $328.00
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JUNXING F154A Dimensions
  • Bow Length: 54″
  • Color available : red. blue. black  
  • Draw Weight: 15lbs. 20lbs


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Select bow range table
Archer’s Weight Suggested Draw Weight
Small Children (70-100 lbs.) 10-15 lbs
Larger Children (100-130 lbs.) 15-25 lbs
Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.) 25-35 lbs
Medium-Frame Female (130-160 lbs) 25-35 lbs
Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs) 30-45 lbs
Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs) 40-55 lbs
Large-Frame Females (160+ lbs) 30-45 lbs
Large Frame Men (180+ lbs) 45-60 lbs



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If you’re looking for a traditional bow that’s perfect for hunting, the JUNXING F154A is a great choice. It’s made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, so you can trust that it will perform well in the field. Plus, it comes in a handy carrying case, so you can easily take it with you on your next hunting trip.

  • Bow Length: 54″
  • Color available : red. blue. black  
  • Draw Weight: 15lbs. 20lbs

This traditional bow is perfect for the hunter who wants a reliable and sturdy weapon. The JUNXING F154A is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that it will last for many hunting seasons to come. With its durable construction and classic design, this bow is a great choice for any experienced hunter.

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Color: No selection

Red, Black, Blue

18 reviews for JUNXING F154A Traditonal Bow

  1. jd205

    Great Buy for Beginner

    I’m new to archery and wanted something that wasn’t too heavy or to difficult to use. This bow is simple and extremely good for a beginner. I’ve spent a few hours already shooting this bow repeatedly (many hundreds of shots) and nothing has gone wrong so far. The draw weight is perfect for me (I’m a 21 year old female who doesn’t work out). I definitely suggest this bow for anyone who is just starting out and wants something simple for a good price.

  2. Rob

    Not for taking game, but a decent starter bow

    I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it. I’ve taken her on Groupon outings for archery and she had such a good time, I got her a bow. She took it right out and started practicing. It’s a great bow.

  3. ACN

    Great for petite women

    I am a 5′ woman and I wanted to get into archery. I was looking online for good beginners bows and this one kept coming up. When I received it I accidentaly strung it wrong but then I noticed the arch was all wrong and re strung it. It’s perfect for young adults, small woman and skinny men. The pull isn’t too bad and when I tested it out on the range it was pretty powerful. I would recommend this bow!

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  4. Vitaliy

    Makes me feel like a BadAss

    The Good: Feels like power in your hands. Great weight.The So-So: For a beginner like me it was scary putting the rope/ string on, I was expecting to get hurt. -I was actually expecting it to be some sort of metal, Like Aluminum. It’s actually Wood, but that’s alright.The Bad: No Arrows or other equipment came with it. Now I’m anxiously waiting for my arrows to get here…OVERALL:Probably the coolest thing I bought on Amazon to date.

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  5. Ian S

    good bow

    Great beginner bow, perfect for the family. This bow is adjustable draw, so with the right length arrows, it can be shot by the whole family with comfort, and is large enough to be comfortable for an adult. It can be pulled back partway, or up to the full 28″, which means you can get decent range, but it is still kid-friendly. I don’t have kids, I bought it as a backyard bow for practice and recreation, and it works great for the price.

    One person found this helpful

  6. Joe C.

    Awesome beginner bow…

    First off, it’s ambidextrous, so it’s perfect for both my sons. My ten year old can use it fine, as can my eight year old, though I’d say he’s a little strong for his age. Very accurate for a beginner bow. I’m no great shakes with a bow, but I can hit a 19″ cube target at 30′ 10/10 with this bow. 9/10 at 40′. Strong and durable too. I’d guess the draw weight at 25-30#. I have fun with it too. Pierces targets easily. It does not have nocking points, so I installed a no glov from amazon to solve the nocking point and glove problem for me and my kids in one fell swoop (cheaper than three gloves by far, heck, cheaper than one glove and a set of nocking points). This bow has a metal crimp on the bow string, but a little dawn dish soap let it slide right on. Overall, EXCELLENT beginner bow.

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  7. Lisa J. Rief

    Great Beginner Bow for Teens!!

    This is an amazing bow!! Bought it for our son’s 16th birthday. He is a beginner, but caught on quick. His siblings bought him a big foam filled target and it has brought endless entertainment to the whole family as the kids compete with one another (ages 16- 24). Definitely for an older teen. Buy lots of extra arrows because they get lost!! The best arrows to go with this bow, which is called “traditional” or recursive, as opposed to the compound bows…is the Eastman arrows. They come 6 in a box for about $24 or so and are strictly made for recursive or traditional bows. They are shiny and easier to find in the grass. They also are of better quality. But this is an awesome beginner bow!! I like the set because you get a couple of arrows and the arm protector. You will need to buy your own glove; this set just has a finger glove; not enough…and the target is useless.

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  8. Bladesmith

    Great first bow

    I bought this for my son for his 11th birthday. He had been hounding me about getting a traditional bow for quite a while. Never knowing if your child will have an abiding interest in something often gives a frugal parent pause before buying an expensive item. As such, I was hesitant to buy a nice laminated wood bow for him. I figured this bow would give him something to try out and see if he likes archery, without breaking the bank. This bow, and some youth carbon arrows comprised the bulk of his birthday presents. I have hardly seen him put it down since. He shoots every day, even now that school has started. So far, he has shot it hundreds of times with no failures of any kind. As a fiberglass bow, it does have some hand shock, as I expected it would. But unlike some reviews I have read about tip separation, we haven’t seen any problems at all. i imagine that this was a known issue and has been resolved at Bear.Overall, this has been a great purchase for my son.

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  9. GearJunky

    Great bow for all ages.

    Reminds me of a bow I had when I was a kid over 60 years ago, except it was a long bow.Stringing is easy (Limb tip over shoe, leg through string, pull bow to engage string). You do notneed a stringer for this bow.Will take a while to get accurate with bow, but it has enough pull for any casual user.

  10. Dutch

    Titan for adults too

    To use the word “youth” now is not entirely accurate. The bow is a full-size self bow at 60”. I am a 6’ tall adult male that has performed manual labor in the construction trades for 35 years. Wear-and-tear on my shoulders has been significant. This great bow has allowed me to continue enjoying the great hobby of archery. It is fun to shoot and accurate.

  11. Lari

    Wonderful Bow!

    This is an absolutely WONDERFUL bow! It is really easy to use, especially for beginners, and is all around a great bow. It does, however, ONLY come with the bow. No arrows. No quiver. JUST the bow. Which, is just fine if you are expecting to just get the bow. I would advise, just to save your fingers, to get a tab, or AT LEAST some kind of glove to wear over the hand that is pulling the string, just because it is really easy to get blisters. I was very impressed with the quality of the bow, for a good price, too!!!It is SUPER fun to play with, but is NOT FOR KIDS PLAY.

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  12. David C.

    Great inexpensive bow

    My wife is a certified archery instructor for the Girl Scouts and we were looking for an inexpensive bow that she and our daughter could use in the backyard to practice with, This is the exact same bow they use at their archery range. The only issue we have found is that be sure you have a good back stop just in case you miss your target (we have a foam target that we use) as I have put a couple of arrows through our fence at about 20 yards, granted the fence is only 3/8th of an inch thick and 12 years old so it’s getting brittle, just be aware that it this can happen, I now have a piece of plywood behind the target. It is a good inexpensive bow for both adults and kids, we are going to purchase 1 maybe 2 more so the whole family can shoot at the same time, nothing like a little competition to make you be more accurate.

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  13. One Blessed Mom

    Multigenerational hit!

    We purchased this bow for our son who has developed an interest in archery. We were looking for an inexpensive bow that would be easy to use but without too much force as we weren’t sure where his arrows would end up. It was a huge hit! Not only has my son enjoyed it, but he had to share with his father and grandfather as they take turns “demonstrating”. Grandpa, who was a bow hunter in his youth, was impressed with this bow. I believe I’ll have to buy two more bows so they won’t have to share!

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  14. Matt

    Good Bow For Price: Lots of Fun

    I’m new to archery and wanted a simple, inexpensive bow to practice and see if it is something I would enjoy; this bow has been great for that. I found it very easily to string manually (no bow stringer needed) and YouTube offers some clips of how to do shoo if you are having any trouble. It feels solid but not too heavy and the hand grip, while hard plastic, is actually really comfortable. The draw strength is perfect fit an adult, though some youths might benefit from a youth bow depending on personal strength.My only complaint is that three arrow rests on the top of the hand grip. While this makes this bow work for both left andright users, it would be nice to have a dedicated arrow testrest built in to prolong the life of my arrows. That being said, this is a cheap aftermarket fix (available on Amazon).Overall those looking for an inexpensive receive bow for fun target practice will be pleased with this bows price to performance ratio

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  15. SirFrankoman

    Perfect bow for beginners

    I have no complaints about this bow. It was cheap, but not terrible quality. I have been teaching my girlfriend archery, and this was perfect to determine which side she felt more comfortable on (natural righty but prefers lefty). She has loosed many dozens of arrows with no issue. It’s not perfect, the shelf is difficult to use, the string is low quality, and it has a bit of vibration, but for the price it’s great at what it needs to do. I recommend this as a beginner bow or a ‘teaching’ bow, or a bow if you need to buy multiple for an event.

  16. Jones5

    Good beginner bow

    While I am happy with my purchase of this bow; I was disappointed that it did not have greater draw strength. I have a MUCH cheaper 30″ bow from Walmart that seems to fire as fast as this 60″ in light of having half the advertised draw strength. Of course shooting with this bow feels better than using a distinctly child-like bow, but I don’t think I could fire any farther with this one over the other. It has held up well for it’s usage over the last couple months, but 1 week after it arrived my brother-in-law kindly pointed out to this otherwise happy ignorant buyer that the handle was backwards. -which cannot be reversed. Overall good bow, not perfect.

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  17. zoritoler imol

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  18. vorbelutrioperbir

    There is visibly a bundle to know about this. I assume you made certain good points in features also.

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