JUNXING J007 Compound Bow


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JUNXING J007 Compound Bow
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JUNXING J007 Dimensions
  • Draw weight: 10-20lbs
  • draw length: 23″-29″
  • bow weight : 3.4lbs
  • axle to axle :36″
  • bow size : 38.6″*11.2″*2.5″
  • color: black,red,blue,yellow , pink , green


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Select bow range table
Archer’s Weight Suggested Draw Weight
Small Children (70-100 lbs.) 10-15 lbs
Larger Children (100-130 lbs.) 15-25 lbs
Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.) 25-35 lbs
Medium-Frame Female (130-160 lbs) 25-35 lbs
Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs) 30-45 lbs
Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs) 40-55 lbs
Large-Frame Females (160+ lbs) 30-45 lbs
Large Frame Men (180+ lbs) 45-60 lbs



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JUNXING J007 Compound Bow is the entry-level compound bow with higher speed and energy output. It’s a great choice for the youth archers or anyone who wants to get into this exciting sport, perfect for practice and fun.

  • Draw weight: 10-20lbs
  • draw length: 23″-29″
  • bow weight : 3.4lbs
  • axle to axle :36″
  • bow size : 38.6″*11.2″*2.5″
  • color: black,red,blue,yellow , pink , green
JUNXING J007 Compound Bow
JUNXING J007 Compound Bow

JUNXING J007 Compound Bow is the top brand compound bow by Junxing. You can get this from our store at the best price. We provide you with the complete guide on how to use compound bows and other technical assistance to give you better service as well as great products at affordable prices.

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Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green

106 reviews for JUNXING J007 Compound Bow

  1. Victor V.

    Perfect bow for 9yro.

    Great bow for my 9yro. Couldn’t ask for better.

  2. Brian


    I can’t put this bow into words over how amazing it was. It has a very slick design also making it light enough for a perfect shot. It comes with everything you need to shoot an arrow (besides the arrows itself) and it is the perfect size for any one to use. This company also has a great resource team and has resources to many different guides to help you. I accidentally broke it in a way out of my stupidity and the staff gave me more than enough sources to learn how to fix and care for my bow. This bow can really last you a life time and it will be something to remember in your life.

  3. Jessica Filograsso

    Great bow

    I am a NASP coach, so of course this is the only bow for my 8yr old son! It is the 3rd one we own now (plus one ‘Pro’). Never had a single problem with any of them except having to re-glue 1 nock. Really haven’t serviced them aside from an occassiinal waxing of strings and cable. Great all around buy!

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  4. Karen from NC

    My Daughter loves it!

    Bought this for my 10yr old daughter, who recently made the archery team & she loves it! We paired it with a case, also purchased on Amazon & its a perfect setup. She initially complained that the strings hurt her fingers when she drew back, but a week or so later she must have gotten use to it, because she said it “wasn’t that bad now”. I suspect that any bow would likely have the same issue for a child. Anyhow, she loves the bow & is doing well with it (except for the part where she set her target up on my adirondack chair for practice…grrr! lol!)

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  5. Chuck Cox

    Easey for child to draw.

    Easy for a young (10-14 year old) child to use and become confident.

  6. DoveBodyWash

    Genesis makes the best bows!

    Zero complaints. We ordered one of these bows for our daughter and her sister quickly realized she also wanted one, so we ordered another. Now we have two. These are the best bows!

  7. theo3br

    Good practice bow

    Bow is good for training for 12 years old and up. Draw weight is adjustable. Full draw length even at 6 feet tall. Note: this is not a hunting bow.

  8. Deborah

    Great for beginner youth

    Great beginner bow for my 9 yr old. Very adjustable. Wish I knew there was no place for a stabilizer though as I bought a small one for it as well.

  9. K. TURK

    This Bow is for School Archery.

    The Genesis Bow is a Awesome built Bow!, My Daughter tried out at school for Archery, these are the bows that let you shoot only, Get this color and stand out in a large crowd. She’s very proud of her bow and it helps to own your bow instead of shooting a worn out school one. You are allowed to use this bow in all NASP tournaments . Good Luck. The bow is adjustable from 20 lb -10lb. draw . It’s a plus to take it to a Bow shop and have them add a Thread to String to line up the nock arrow correctly every time. $9. Have a professional do it

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Great niece loves it.

    Got this for my great niece who is taking archery in school. It arrived on time. She loves it. I think the bow was set at 20 lbs but the one she uses at school is set at 15. She said it was easy to follow the included directions to set her bow tension.

  11. Daydream Chicken

    Solid Compound Bow

    This bow is great quality and feels solid right out of the box.I ordered the Lime Green, but it’s more of a Grass Green, which I like even better.A little about your fingers: Protect them with Gloves or install Finger Guards to your bow strings (Finger Savers)If you won’t be using a glove to release an arrow, I highly suggest having Finger Savers installed to protect your *guess what?* fingers!Find a local archery/hunting store and they should be able to properly set you up with the Finger Savers while setting up the proper arrow nocking point, and give you a few tips on how to adjust the draw weight, how to shoot an arrow, how/when to wax your strings, etc. If you’ve never shot, maybe take a quick lesson if they offer it.I had a guy set me up at the archery store and it cost me $20 for the wax tube ($7) and labor ($13). DO NOT try putting on the finger savers by yourself, unless you have a special bow machine to release the bow strings. I’m glad I just drove to my local archery store, because I would have ruined the bow strings if I tried to attempt it (Not all YouTube videos are realistic).Okay. I’m a 5’6″ woman with pretty strong arms, BUT I have fibromyalgia and didn’t want to get a bow with more than a 20# draw weight, because I get sore very fast. I had to reduce it to about 18.5# which has nice tension for me.We had a great time shooting with the Genesis bow. I just have to buy the correct arrows. Read on about that…ARROW UPDATE!!! I originally bought a dozen Reegox 30”carbon arrows for target practice only. THESE ARE NOT THE CORRECT ARROWS FOR THIS BOW!!! I’m dumb. Don’t judge me. Get feather ones & make sure you buy arrows that work with your bow’s draw weight. These are too heavy. They’ll be okay for closer targets. We used them but will be buying feather arrows.I also bought an arm guard that velcros on.I will also be sharing this with my 16-year old son. He’s 5’11” and it looks very comfortable when he draws the string back. If he upgrades to increase draw length & weight, he might go with the Genesis Pro, which goes up to a 25# draw weight (FYI: arrow rest and nock are not included). It may not seem like a lot of weight, but after shooting a dozen arrows over and over, you will be fatigued.Here’s the Genesis Pro product description, if you want to compare the two.Genesis Pro description: While still a zero let-off design, the Genesis Pro lets archers customize their draw length and adjusts up to 25 lbs of draw weight. Our draw stop cam technology provides a “solid wall” or stop, ensuring you achieve the correct draw length every time. This helps archers using mechanical release aids to maintain proper form and produce a consistent follow-through for maximum accuracy. Details: Zero let-off design; Draw weight comes standard at 25 lbs and can be safely lowered to 15 lbs – all you need is a 3/16″ hex wrench (provided) to adjust draw weight; Covers all standard draw lengths ranging between 15″-30″; Machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel; Composite limbs; Cable guard; Molded competition grip; Riser is drilled and tapped for standard accessories; 0% let-off; 35 1/2″ axle-to-axle; 7 5/8″ brace height. Note: Arrow rest and arrow nock and not included.

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  12. Gary

    Can’t go wrong

    Bought it for my kids super nice

  13. Frederic T. Metzger

    Great bow!

    Perfect for beginner or intermediate enthusiast.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Great for starters

    Love it! Can’t wait to practice more with it.

  15. X. Hsu

    The same bow school archery team uses

    My son is trying out the archery team this year. The school requires Genesis’s original bow.

  16. Doron Avizov

    One Bow Fits All!

    Bottom line first – I highly recommend this one bow that the whole family, big and small, will be able to shoot and have fun with right out of the box. PERFECT for one size fits all bow for target shooting.My kids archery teacher recommended this as a family bow and he was right. It’s truly a one bow fits all. My daughter, son and I can all use it. I’m surprised I enjoy using it set at the draw weight for my son. To compare, his Lil’ Banshee Youth Compound bow feels like a tiny toy in my hands. What makes this bow so awesome as a family bow is not only is the draw weight adjustable. the draw length is however far you pull back. Doesn’t matter if you’re small with short arms or tall with long arms, it just fits. If your kids are stronger (over age 10) it’s worth spending the extra $10-15 on amazon for the Genesis Pro model with the option for higher draw weight and adding an easily removable and adjustable stop (for draw length). This bow is the standard/official school archery bow and I can see why. Any one, any size can use it and we find it VERY accurate. Groupings are consistent for all three of us. It comes ready to shoot with a built in arrow rest and a nock already installed. It also comes with an allen wrench to adjust the draw weight. It comes set at the max, 20lbs. We had to open it up a few turns to lower the draw weight for the kids. It feels rugged and indestructible.I love that I was able to buy one bow for both kids and didn’t have to buy two bows set up for their very different sizes. That makes this bow a tremendous value. They’ll be able to use it in competitions too, which is the reason I bought it in the first place.This bow cost me $60 less than a beautiful 35 lb, 60″ recurve I bought for myself prior to finding out that Genesis bows exist. I’m the only one big enough to shoot the recurve which is a shame but we can all take turns at the Genesis without even having to adjust it between shooters. I realize that a 20 lb compound is not comparable to a 35 lb recurve but I get much tighter groupings with the Genesis bow and it’s easier and more fun to shoot. Practicing with the Genesis is making me a better shot on the recurve so I use both. It’s also nice to not have to string the Genesis every time and unstring it when done.There’s a reason after school programs use this bow. The quality and value is obvious. For you and this kids, this is the bow to get. If it’s just for the kids and they are really small, the Genesis mini is probably a better option. If it’s just for a adults, spend the extra $10-15 on Amazon and get the Genesis pro.

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  17. TRFB

    Great bow for the money.

    Great starter bow. Excellent craftsmanship. My son, daughter and I used this one together. My son is 14 and earned his Archery merit badge using this bow. It’s easy to pull back, yet has power to send the arrows where they should be hitting. My daughter tried it. She’s 11. You can adjust it to lower the draw weight.I took this bow to a Boy Scout camp and most of the boys participating in Archery, used this bow and loved it.Great investment without having to pay over a 1,000.00 on a high performance bow. I would say this one is just fine for beginner to intermediate.

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  18. Sam

    NASP Standard-Approved Bow, direct from Mathews, cheaper than pro-shops

    My son is on the HS Archery Varsity Team, and wanted his OWN bow… This purchase saved me $100 over the local pro-shop, even with their “team-discount”! If you have a child shooting on a school archery team, do yourself, them, and their scores a favor and supply them with their OWN bow, rather than use “abused” school equipment! Buy a good “ultra-compact” case, and NASP approved arrows for home practice, too!Pros:Orange color is almost red, not a bright orangeBow arrived with near-perfect set-up (required little tweaking)Cons:My only complaint is regarding the grip… too vertical, too small… and NASP won’t allow you to use a custom-grip or modify the grip 🙁

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