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What Size Compound Bow Do I Need

What Size Compound Bow Do I Need

You may have seen the title and wondered what size compound bow do I need? That’s a good question, one that I’m glad you asked. Before we up and decide on a specific compound bow, we should first determine why it is we want to purchase an archery bow. It’s important to determine the reason behind purchasing a compound bow before making your decision.

The Weight of the Bow

The weight of a bow is an important factor that should be considered before purchasing one. The weight of the bow determines how much energy and effort is required to draw it back so it can be fired.

Bow weights are measured in pounds, with the average being between 60 and 70 pounds.

The weight of your bow will depend on what you want to use it for, as well as your strength level, age and gender. A heavier bow is more difficult to draw back than a lighter one, but will produce more force when fired. To reduce draw weight, you can use a stabilizer or other accessories that add mass to your equipment. You can also increase draw length by adding longer limbs to your equipment or by adjusting your form so that there is less compression in the bowstring during the draw cycle.

What Size Compound Bow Do I Need
What Size Compound Bow Do I Need

Draw Length

The draw length is the distance between the back of the bow and the string when the bow is drawn to full draw. The draw length is measured in inches and usually ranges from 24″ to 30″.

The proper draw length for a recurve bow is determined by measuring from the bottom of your chin to the ground when you are standing straight up with your arms at your side. For example, if you are 5’6″, then you would shoot a 26″ recurve bow. If you were 5’2″, then you would shoot a 22″ recurve bow.

The proper draw length for a longbow is determined by measuring from your earlobe to the ground when standing straight up with your arms at your side. For example, if you are 5’6″, then you would shoot an 80″ longbow. If you were 5’2″, then you would shoot an 70″ longbow.

Compound Bow Axle

The compound bow axle is the most important part of your compound bow. It is the main connection between the limbs, riser, and cables. The axle is what allows you to adjust your draw length and anchor point, so it is critical to get a good one.

If you are looking for a new compound bow, or need to replace an old one, you need to make sure that you get a high quality model made from strong materials.

Compound Bow Axle Materials

The compound bow axle comes in two main types: aluminum and carbon fiber. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Compound Bow Axles

Aluminum is the most common material used for compound bows today, because it is lightweight and inexpensive compared to carbon fiber. Aluminum also tends to be more durable than carbon fiber, although it can dent more easily (especially if dropped).

Carbon Fiber Compound Bow Axles

Carbon fiber bows are becoming increasingly popular due to their light weight and durability compared with aluminum models. They tend to be more expensive than aluminum models though, as well as heavier than aluminum models (which can make them harder for some people).

Axle Length

There is no set standard for the length of a compound bow. There are many factors that determine what size compound bow will work best for you.

The axle-to-axle length of a compound bow is one of the most important measurements. The axle-to-axle measurement is taken from the tip of one limb to the tip of the other limb when they are fully drawn and parallel with each other. This measurement is also commonly referred to as draw length or draw distance.

A longer axle-to-axle measurement on a compound bow means more energy is stored in the limbs, allowing you to get more speed out of your shot. In turn, this gives you greater range and accuracy at long distances. However, it can also make a bow harder to pull back because it requires more energy to achieve those speeds than smaller bows do.

A shorter axle-to-axle measurement will give you less energy storage and less speed than longer bows, but makes it easier to draw back as well because there is less resistance from having less stored energy in the limbs during your draw cycle since they don’t have as much weight behind them trying to pull back against you when drawing back an arrow at full draw like a longer bow does because you need less momentum to achieve the same speeds as a longer bow.

What Size Compound Bow Do I Need
What Size Compound Bow Do I Need

Draw Weight

The draw weight of a compound bow is the amount of force required to fully draw the bowstring and fire an arrow. The minimum draw weight for a compound bow is usually around 30 pounds (13.5 kg).

The maximum draw weight can be as high as 70 pounds (31 kg) or more, but most archers prefer bows between 50 and 60 pounds (23-27 kg). The correct draw weight depends on the size of the shooter and their ability to handle the heavier draw weights.

For example, a 5-foot person might need 40 pounds while someone 6 feet tall needs 55 pounds or more. The best way to determine your bow’s ideal draw weight is to visit an archery pro shop where you can try out several models with different poundage ratings until you find one that feels comfortable in your hands.

  • 65-75#: Large Frame Men (180+ lbs.)
  • 55-65#: Med. Frame Men (150-180 lbs.)
  • 45-55#: Large Frame Women (160+ lbs.)
  • 45-55#: Small Frame Men (120-150 lbs.)
  • 40-50#: Athletic Older Boys (130-150 lbs.)
  • 30-40#: Med. Frame Women (130-160 lbs.)
  • 25-35#: Small Frame Women (100-130 lbs.)
  • 25-35#: Larger Child (100-130 lbs.)
  • 15-25#: Small Child (70-100 lbs.)

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What size arrows do i need for my compound bow?

The size of the arrow you need depends on the draw weight of your bow.
The draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull back the string and string a compound bow. This will depend on what type of bow you have and how much power you need.

The average draw weight for modern compound bows is between 40 and 60 pounds, but some models can be as high as 80 pounds or more. The average arrow size is 16 inches long with an 8-inch vanespan and a 1-inch diameter shaft.

Some arrows are designed for hunting, while others are designed for target shooting. If you’re going to be hunting with your bow, then you’ll want to look for heavy-duty arrows that can withstand impact from hitting game or small wild animals during a hunt.

what size compound target bow do i need?

To answer your question, you will need to consider a few things. The first thing you will want to consider is how tall you are and what size of compound bow fits your body type. If you are short then you may want a shorter bow but if you are tall then you may want one that is longer.

The second thing that you will need to consider is what your budget is. This can be the most important factor in determining what type of compound bow you get as well as what size compound bow fits your needs.

The last thing that I would recommend is speaking with an expert at one of the local archery shops near you or even calling them up on the phone if they allow it! If they do not allow this then maybe try calling them up on social media or sending them an email asking for tips on what size compound bow fits your needs best without having to spend too much money!

if im 135 lbs and 6’1 what size compound bow do i need?

If you are just looking for a bow for target shooting and hunting small game, then a 22 pounder would be fine. If you want to do some bowfishing with it, then maybe look at a lighter draw weight.

If you want to hunt larger game like deer or elk, then look at getting a 35 pounder or heavier.

The second thing is your draw length. This can vary depending on how tall you are and also how long your arms are. If your arms are short compared to your height, then they may need to be adjusted to fit properly on the bow.

I would recommend starting with a Bowtech Buck Commander or Buck Commander Extreme with a draw weight of 40 pounds and an arrow speed of 300 feet per second (FPS). This will give you plenty of power when hunting larger game like deer or elk while still being light enough that it won’t be too much trouble carrying around all day in the woods.

what size compound bow do i need for a 18 year old?

The best compound bow for a 18 year old is the Diamond Infinite Edge. It is a high quality bow that shoots fast, accurate, and quiet. It is easy to use, and it feels good in your hands.

The Diamond Infinite Edge has a draw weight of 70lbs., which means that it can shoot up to 340 FPS. The draw length (length from the string at rest to the bottom of cam) is 25-30″.

This bow has a very fast speed for its price range, which makes it good for hunting or target practice for shooters of any age. It’s also very quiet, which makes it great for practicing without bothering other people nearby.

The Infinite Edge features an adjustable draw length (25-30″), an adjustable draw weight (40-70lbs.), an adjustable sight, and an ambidextrous stabilizer bar with top and bottom stabilizers.

The Infinite Edge also comes with a quick detach quiver and four arrows with field points in them.

what size case do i need for an compound bow?

The size of the case that you need depends on the brand and model of your compound bow.

If you are looking for a case for your compound bow, here are some tips to help get the right sized case for your needs:

Check the specifications of your compound bow. Most manufacturers will provide information about their products, including dimensions and weight capacity.
Measure your compound bow before buying a new case. It is important to make sure that the new case has enough space to fit both your bow and accessories together.

Consider additional features when buying a case for your compound bow. For example, if you want extra storage space, look for one with extra pockets or other compartments inside the main compartment of the case that can hold extra arrows or other accessories like sights, stabilizers, etc…

What Size Compound Bow Do I Need

By knowing what size bow is right for you, it will help narrow down the selection process as you search for your next bow. For those looking to get started in archery but are not sure what would be best for them, I hope this article has been helpful and I wish you luck on your hunt for the perfect compound bow!